Why do I write this blog?

I am not an entrepreneurship guru. I do not have ambition or experience to be one. I do not want to lecture on the right or wrong ways of doing business. I lecture at the university and that completely satisfies my desire for attention, self-importance and influence on the life of others, even if in a small way (at least five students each semester are genuinely interested in my subject).

Career of professional blogger is also not on my list. Of course, it would be nice to have an alternative if all of my start-up enterprises fail, but I am neither hilarious, nor have ground-breaking ideas about anything. My English is far from being perfect, since I am not a native speaker, hence do not expect sophistication and puns in my writing.

I write mainly for my own benefit. Writing helps to clear my head and gather my thoughts, fight stress and not to lose focus. Writing for me, as for many other people, is a form of meditation, since I have never been able to master the art of the real thing. I honestly have been trying to meditate more or less regularly for some time, always failing miserably. Instead of clearing my head and enjoying empty silence, meditation brought me more stress and more wandering thoughts. After I noticed that writing a piece about something leaves my head as empty as a white sheet of paper, I ditched meditation and started my blog.

On the negative side, writing a blog helps to procrastinate and find one more reason not to do the important stuff, while at the same time giving a false sense of accomplishment. It is not the same meaningless occupation as watching sit-coms on TV or checking FACEBOOK without any reason, isn’t it?

Anyway, to justify writing is easy, the questions is, why share it with everybody? Well, there are no real reasons for that, apart that I want to share. One day, while googling business related information I kept stumbling on the interviews and blogs of famous entrepreneurs and various gurus. And, despite how outlandish it may sound, none of their advice and experiences worked for me. It was not the first time, either. I remember some time ago sitting in the lecture of a guest speaker at my university – he is a very famous entrepreneur from Lithuania – and thinking to myself: “It is really interesting, what he is talking about, but I have not a clue how can this be relevant to anyone in this room”. And it was not relevant – he was too high above on the ladder for any of us to relate and learn from his experience. As a new entrepreneur in a country in the middle of nowhere, I find myself in this situation quite often. And I believe that I am not the only one, therefore I want to share my thoughts with people, who might be going through the same stuff.

I might not say anything extraordinarily clever, brilliantly innovative, or of “guru quality” in my blog. Most likely, my observations will be common sense for more experienced entrepreneurs. But, to my defense, I have read more than a few books, which did not say anything more than common sense, and they still were the best sellers. By the way, the same applies to any country’s strategic plans on innovation and economic growth, but nonetheless they are proudly presented as a new way forward. So, there is a fairly good chance, that sharing my experience will be interesting for someone out there and we will be able to discuss common hardships of entrepreneurship, celebrate our victories, solve our problems and laugh at silly things. And that is worth the effort!

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